Ireland urged to move on mobile healthcare

Ireland should move quickly to develop its mobile healthcare industry and make a name for the country in the sector, a leading industry figure has said.

Known as the mHealth sector, it utilises mobile technology to enable management of health and early detection of any issues, while presenting a good opportunity for Ireland to drive revenue for technology firms and ultimately create employment, Enterprise Ireland’s Robert Bushnell said.

“We think it’s going to be a very big area in that healthcare costs are very high, not just in Ireland but in the whole western world and they’ve gone up a lot,” said Mr Bushnell.

“On the other side the mobile tech has become much better, much more ubiquitous. It’s much more reliable than it used to be, more robust.

“We’ve talked about mHealth for years, but now it’s going to happen because of those two drivers.”


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Heads up thanks to Telecare Aware’s, Donna Cusano


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