Tech Companies Wanted to Develop ECG Monitoring System

– Call for expressions of Interest –

The opportunity:

The vision for this Connected Health initiative is to develop an ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring system that enables ECG images and data to be wirelessly transmitted from ambulance/patient locations to the Emergency and the Cardiac Department of St. James’s Hospital in Dublin. This initiative is from The Digital Hub and St. James’s Hospital Connected Health Programme.


The current system has two problems:

1.  Data capture of the patient is not of a consistent high quality.

2.  The data transfer technology is fax based which is not satisfactory.

The result of these issues is that a number of patients are transferred to the hospital unnecessarily.  The vision is to have a more reliable means to capture 12 lead ECG and to transmit the data from remote locations to St James’s Hospital for evaluation support.



  • The requirement is for a mobile ECG monitoring system that allows for ECG images to be captured and transmitted in real-time to the Emergency Department of St James’s Hospital.
  • The potential is for an add-on/application to a smart phone that is capable of taking an ECG image and has the capacity for this image and any other relevant data to be transmitted instantly by email or other application.
  • The requirement is for a 12 lead ECG (not single lead) or a derived 12 lead ECG from 3 points or 5 points.
  • The main user group for this device will be ambulance staff and the Emergency Department.


Market Opportunity:

It is envisaged that this data model will be developed as an innovative pilot project for the Emergency Department within St James’s Hospital but it will have the potential for wider development as a mobile cardio monitoring system that could be used by other emergency departments and ambulance services.


The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest by completing an online form is Friday, 28th June.

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  1. Hello,

    We have developed a real time 12 ECG monitoring system used for remote monitoring of ecg.

    Contact me if you are interested in know more.

  2. Kerry Naughton says:

    We are a 13485 accredited design house with ISO 62304 accreditation that have a track record in developing medical apps. Let me know if you are still looking for development assistance.

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